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    My work and experience

  • Pimp My Ride

    Pimp My Ride

    London Mayor, Boris Johnson, takes the Think London Taxi on its inaugural drive, before it embarked on circling The Globe!

  • Drift With The Rift

    Drift With The Rift

    Met with the founders of Oculus to agree developing a world exclusive pre-launch Crystal Cove experience

  • 50 Years of Burger King

    50 Years of Burger King

    Radical new look to commemorate Burger King’s 50th anniversary

  • no paper Mobile App

    no paper Mobile App

    Mobile application user experience and interface

  • Avonex Patient SMS Reminder

    Avonex Patient SMS Reminder

    UK’s first SMS injection reminder service for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers

  • Motion Picture Graphics

    Motion Picture Graphics

    I’ve hacked the CIA, held the world to ransom… I even made Tom Hanks look clever!

  • What’s in Your Slot?

    What’s in Your Slot?

    Interactive Augmented Reality Music Festival Promotions

  • Crimson Peak Gothic Gallery

    Crimson Peak Gothic Gallery

    Crimson Peak Gothic Gallery experience for the San Diego Comic Con

  • International Canoe Federation

    International Canoe Federation

    After 100 years, it was time for the ICF to move forward with a new brand & identity.

  • Award Winning Exhibition

    Award Winning Exhibition

    Colossal 23,000 sqft Operations Centre Exhibit, at the Defence Systems & Equipment International Conference

  • Matrix Team Building Game

    Matrix Team Building Game

    500 Delegates across 22 countries went head to head in a worlds first for a networked team building game

  • Think London Dashboard

    Think London Dashboard

    Business Intelligence Dashboard helps foreign investors evaluate business opportunities in London

  • Flawless Delivery

    Flawless Delivery

    74 screens, 24 CPU’s, 13 Projectors, 16 Plasma screens, 11,340 sqft Exhibition Stand… only 6 weeks notice!

  • Penguin Boom Room

    Penguin Boom Room

    Dancing, Belching, Farting Penguin accounts for a third of traffic on Cartoon Networks!

  • RFID Tracking Exhibit

    RFID Tracking Exhibit

    Improving retention of key facts at Roche’s exhibition, utilising Near Field RFID

  • Seth Godin

    Seth Godin

    I interview Seth Godin in a live webcast for the pre-launch of his book Tribes

  • Healthcare Communications

    Healthcare Communications

    Overview of Medical Communications

  • Electronic Clinical Reprints

    Electronic Clinical Reprints

    85% of delegates used the “no paper” electronic clinical reprints system

  • Crusoe Branding & Poster

    Crusoe Branding & Poster

    I put my foot in it, creating NBC Universal’s “Crusoe” Branding & Identity

  • KOL Development

    KOL Development

    Key Opinion Leader development and tracking database

  • Biogen-Idec: MS Active Source

    Biogen-Idec: MS Active Source

    Developing a positive & uplifting brand for Biogen-Idec’s MS Active Source initiative

  • GSK Aquafresh Site

    GSK Aquafresh Site

    Promotional brand website for children’s electric toothbrush range named Clipon Friends

  • UCB (Keppra) Epilepsy Information

    UCB (Keppra) Epilepsy Information

    Child friendly Epilepsy information website

  • I’m Referenced by Apple

    I’m Referenced by Apple

    My developments referenced in Apple’s QuickTime For The Web book

  • Start A Flood With A Drip

    Start A Flood With A Drip

    Drip.it Branding & Idenity

  • Interactive Product eLibrary in 17 Languages

    Interactive Product eLibrary in 17 Languages

    How to squeeze a 17 language interactive product eLibrary onto a single CDROM

  • No paper brand

    No paper brand

    Brand & Identity

  • Lyons Maid “Good Times Sign”

    Lyons Maid “Good Times Sign”

    I modernise the iconic Lyons Maid “The Good Times Sign”

  • F451 Labs

    F451 Labs

    Digital Media Agency Brand & Identity

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